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Apr 17, 2010 6:30pm EDT
following virginia tech massacre, authorities, including virginia's own governor urged governors to close it. this week we mark the third anniversary of the shootings, we ask the question again, as we mark the third anniversary, has anything changed and should it? in blacksburg, virginia, they are marking another anniversary this weekend, now three years since the shootings at virginia tech. flowers honoring each of the victims. rema samaha, one of them. there were the precious images of her dancing before the attack. >> it's not something you get through. just something you adjust to. >> samaha's family has been fighting to close a glaring loophole. gun shows where people buy guns without a background check, without any questions asked. it was a year ago, abc news followed her brother to this gun show in richmond, virginia. we gave him one hour and $5,000 cash. within minutes while still in line he bought his first gun. >> this is what? >> this is a glock. >> you got this before you even got in the show? >> yeah, he was sitting outside of the door. went up to him. how much you want
Apr 10, 2010 6:30pm EDT
virginia miners died. tonight, did they even get close to that rescue chamber? >>> was it a cry? new fallout after that mother shipped her adopted son ck to russia. >> coaches caught. three dozen swimming coaches banned. a staggering cases involving young girls. brian ross on the case. >>> and get back. 40 years ago tonight, the beatles' breakup. just who was that song aimed at? >>> good evening. poland's prime minister burst into tears when he heard the news today, that his country's president was killed in a plane crash. an aging jet carrying poland's president, his wife and much of the polish government's leadership crashed early today while trying to land in dense fog in western russia. tonight we are learning more about the pilot being strongly advised not to land. we begin on this story with our senior foreign correspondent jim sciutto. >> reporter: the jet fell from the sky and with it a large part of poland's most senior leadership. the pilot tried to land in a thick fog at least twice missing the runway and ignoring the control tower's direction to divert to another city. "t
Apr 3, 2010 6:30pm EDT
in a pakistani jail 7,000 miles from their virginia homes. they are either homegrown american terrorists or, as their families insist, innocent students who wanted to help fellow muslims. late last year the men flew from virginia to the crowded, dangerous city of karachi where senior al qaeda leaders have been captured in daytime shootouts. pakistani police say the five set off along this road to try and join a terror group launching attacks in pakistan and afghanistan against u.s. forces. their first attempt, jasha muhammad, muhammad's army suspected of beheading "wall street journal" reporter daniel pearl. police say that group turned them down, so the men got back on the road and tried to join yet another terror group, lashkar-e-taiba. the army of the pure. in pakistan lashkar-e-taiba openly preaches violencend in afghanistan they kill u.s. troops. >> the l.e.t. has put the world on notice that they intend to escalate the carnage and spread it worldwide. >> reporter: but police say because the five have no local references, lakar-e-taiba also rejected them and so they trave
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)